“Dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh”, was a vital means of transportation during the winter months of the 1800′s. It was the cold season alternative to the carriage or wagon, long before the invention of the automobile.

Sleighs were commonly used all over the world and came in numerous styles. One of the most notable American designs was the Portland Cutter, developed by Peter Kimball and his sons of Portland, Maine. The Portland Cutter featured a slanted back for better comfort and a straight or curved front panel.

By the late 1800′s, fancy cutter style sleighs for wealthier clientele were rimmed with silk and silver, and cost about $150. Colors were typically red, black and white. By 1910 plain cutters were available in the $20.00 price range. Sears and Roebuck actually sold a model for $16.93.

While prices have changed in the past 100 years, our commitment to quality has not. At Sleighworx we want to use our experience and expertise in metal fabrication to produce a product that will last a lifetime. Our sleighs are all steel welded construction for strength, powder coated for durability and trimmed with the finest hardwoods and rubber products available.

Sleighworx artisans hand craft authentic working reproductions with beautiful detail and quality construction. Whether you are interested in our working models, decorating commercially or would just love the idea of a sleigh in your building or front yard this Christmas, Sleighworx has the product.


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