Q. Do you rent these sleighs?

A. Yes, sleighs are typically rented for the Christmas season (November 1 to January 5). They can also be rented on a daily or event basis depending on availability.

Q. I’m interested in purchasing your Santa sleigh. What warranty do you offer?

A. All of our sleighs have a one year warranty for materials and labor.

Q. What deposit do you require for your custom sleigh purchase?

A. We require a 30% deposit of the base cost plus any options selected. The balance is due upon completion of the sleigh.

Q. What material are the runners made from?

A. All runners are 1 1/2 inch by 3/16th inch flat bar steel rolled to a specific radius for each sleigh. All sleighs are equipped with a second set of replaceable runners.

Q. What is the shipping weight for the Star Dasher sleigh?

A. If pallet mounted the sleigh’s shipping weight is 290 Lbs. If crated the total weight is 402 Lbs.

Q. What gauge steel do you use for the body of your sleighs?

A. All sleigh bodies are fabricated from 16 gauge steel.



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