Snow Dancer

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With barely any “prancing” and a ”paltry amount of pawing” of each little hoof, this sleigh sits beautifully in any environment! This model of our Santa Sleigh features the same mounted dash as the STAR DASHER but has no rear toy box.

In addition to the dash, other standard features on this working sleigh include sturdy welded metal construction, powder coat finish for durability, stainless steel fasteners, rubber edging, removable cushions, rubber matting, hand painted graphics, wood trim and pin striping.

Optional features to customize your sleigh includes custom colors, leather, suede or wool upholstery, hand painted logos, brass sleigh bells, lanterns, buggy whips and mount, hitching poles and tree, hitch pins, leather harness and collar, wheels for dry sleighing, CD player with integrated speakers.

Sale Price: $3495.00 – Christmas Season Rental $850.00 – Event Rental (3 days) $450.00


 Height  50 Inches
 Width  36 Inches
 Length  6 Feet 1 Inch
 Weight  202 Lbs.
 Colors Available Red, Black, White, Blue, Green or a combination for body and frame contrast.



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